Summary of Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic

What this Book is About?

Cover of Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect MysticAs the name suggests, “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic” is an autobiography of Osho, interestingly not written by him but transcribed from his over five thousand hours of recorded talks.

This book gives a peek into the life and teachings of Osho – one of the most unusual and controversial mystics of all time. Many have felt a transformation in their life reading this book.

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book has been divided into three parts –

  1. Just an ordinary Human Being: The History behind the legend

    This section deals with Osho’s narration of his childhood in India. How he grew up. How he had a rebellious spirit to stand for truth and against falsehood. Influence of his maternal grandmother. His adventures during his school days.

    His enlightenment at the age when he was 21 years old. His life as a University student and then as a Professor of Philosophy. His approach towards teaching others his etc. are also covered in this section.

  2. Reflections in an empty mirror: The many faces of a man who never was

    This section deals with Osho’s days as a popular spiritual guru around the world. Labelling of Osho as Sex Guru, Cult Leader, The Rolls-Royce Guru, Rich Man’s Guru etc. and his response to the same.

    His days at the Oregon commune have been covered in this section.

  3. Legacy

    This section deals with Osho’s legacy of religionless religion focussed on the individual.  Osho’s views on meditation for the 21st century, psychology and his vision about the new human being which he called “Zorba the Buddha” are included in this section.

For Whom This Book is For?

Anyone who is new to spirituality or even someone who feels dry and tired from the existing religions should read this book. It would be of immense value to such a person.

Even if you are an Osho fan but haven’t read this book, you should read it. It is like a gospel and life story of Osho.

There are more than 50 reviews on Amazon with 4+ star rating, which speak volume about the value this book has provided to its readers.

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Here’s a Quote from “Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic” 🙂

Quote of Osho from the book "Autobiography of a Spiritually Incorrect Mystic"


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