Summary of Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within

What this Book is About?

In the book Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within, Osho defines creativity and its role in modern world. 

He also shares obstacles to creativity and ways to be creative in day-to-day life apart from the discussion of few important questions related to creativity.

He also delves into finding the meaning of our life, which is the ultimate creativity.

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book has been divided into following five parts –

  1. Preparing the Canvas

    Osho shares how creativity is a fragrance of real health. He tells how when a person is really healthy and whole, creativity comes naturally to that person.

    Osho also explains 3 C’s in this section, Consciousness, Compassion and Creativity and that these 3C’s are needed for a more enriched human being.

  2. Five Obstacles

    In this section, Osho describes five obstacles to the creativity in us:

    – Self-Consciousness
    – Perfectionism
    – Intellect
    – Belief
    – The Fame Game

  3. Four Keys

    In this section, Osho shares four approaches towards becoming creative:

    – Become a Child Again
    – Be ready to learn
    – Find Nirvana in the ordinary
    – Be a dreamer

  4. Four Questions

    Osho delves over four important questions related to creativity:

    – Memory and Imagination
    – Postpartum Depression
    – Creativity and Crossbreeding
    – The Art of Money

  5. Creation

    In this section, Osho explains about the ultimate creativity, which is the find the meaning in our life.

For Whom This Book is For?

Anyone who feels stuck in life or job.
Anyone who feels they are just repeating the same routine daily without bringing any joy and newness to it.
Want to bring the “out of box” thinking to all aspects of your life?
This book is for you!

There are more than 40 reviews on Amazon with 4+ rating of this book, which speak volume about the efficacy of this book.

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Bonus Quote by Osho on Creativity

“Jealousy is destructive – always! It is never creative; nothing can come out of it. Anger is always destructive, but not so with sex! Sex is the source of creativity. The divine has used it for creation. Sexuality is just like jealousy, anger and greed: it is always destructive. Sex is not – but we don’t know pure sex, we know only sexuality.” – from The Book of Secrets: 112 Meditations to Discover the Mystery Within

Also, here’s a Picture Quote from “Creativity: Unleashing the Forces Within” 🙂

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