Summary of Living on Your Own Terms: What Is Real Rebellion?

What this Book is About?

Cover of the book "Living on your own terms, what is real rebellion" by OshoThe Book “Living on Your Own Terms: What Is Real Rebellion” is a part of Osho’s life essential series of books. All the volumes in this series focus upon discussion and insights related to vital questions and our purpose in the life.

This Book is in Questions and Answers format where Osho shares his insights to different questions posed by different people. related to individuality and rebel part of oneself.

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book has been divided into following five parts –

  1. Saying Good-Bye to the Past

    Four questions have been included in this section. Here is one of the questions from this section. “What is real rebellion? And what is the difference between reaction and action of the rebellious human being?”

    Osho shares that the first thing to be understood is the difference between rebellion and revolution. While revolution is the organized effort to change the society forcibly and violently, on the other hand, rebellion is individual, nonviolent and peaceful.

    While rebellion is out of love and not against something but rather for something; on the other hand revolution is against something but not for something. He goes on sharing deep insights to understand the nature of rebellion in this section.

  2. Understanding is Freedom

    Following five questions have been included in this section:
    – How does the subterfuge rebel against the subterfuge? (abridged question)
    – Why in the first place have people been distracted from their original self?
    – I have tried my whole life to change myself, but it seems nothing ever changes—I remain the same. Is not there any hope for me?
    – I am aware of my need for approval and acceptance from others. I don’t want to be driven by this need. How does it resolve?
    – I am always amazed to see how easily, for what, and for how long I am willing to forsake my own self-love? (abridged question)

  3. You are Born with Courage

    Following four questions have been included in this section:
    – I feel divided in two parts—half going toward the unknown, and half toward all that is familiar from my past. When I get close to letting go of what I believe is mine, I panic—even though I yearn to go to the place of the unknown that you talk about. Please give me courage to take the next step.
    – Is renouncing the world and society part of a rebellious spirit?
    – What has gone wrong? Why is it that people meet everything new reluctantly, and with fear, rather than with eager joy?
    – Sometimes after an experience of meditation I feel tremendously good and bright, and then I’m afraid to get influenced again by people so that I fall back again into my old mind. Can you say something about energies and experiences, and how we can move in the marketplace without getting influenced by other people who have not much good energy?

  4. Create the Way of Walking

    Again four questions for a part of this section. Here are they:
    – Could you speak about discipline, especially its relation to rebellion? (abridged question)
    – Is the destruction of the old not necessary for the building of the new? (abridged question)
    – My parents are so disappointed in me, they worry all the time. They have made my being here possible, so how can I turn from them? What do I owe to my parents?
    – Will existence protect me when I allow myself to let go? (abridged question)

  5. When all Voices are Silent

    In this section, following four questions are included:
    – What is the difference between human nature, instinct, and habit? Are there any means by which they can change, or not?
    – Being in the world is sometimes hard for me, for I see how hard people are and how they step on one another. This hurts me very much, sometimes even physically, and I feel vulnerable like a small child. Please tell me how to deal with it.
    – My feelings of unworthiness still dominate my life, and I’m clinging to them so tightly that I despair of even letting go. It has been a long and serious road so far.
    – How can I find out which of the many voices inside me is the one that comes from the real self to guide me? How can I be sure it doesn’t come from the unconscious?

For Whom This Book is For?

We all have been conditioned since childhood by different sections of the society and we all are wearing different masks over our real personality. And if you are courageous enough to remove those false masks, then this book will be helpful to you, as Osho will take you on this journey to be a rebellious who does not compromise with his own terms.

There are more than 20 reviews on with almost 5 star rating, which shows how much the readers have benefited from this book.

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