Summary of Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

What this Book is About?

Cover of "Meditation: The First and Last Freedom"The book Meditation: The First and Last Freedom, is a practical guide to various meditations shared by Osho. Ranging from active meditations to passive meditations.

The meditation techniques mentioned in this book are suitable for all sorts of meditators – be it beginners or advanced.

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book has been divided into following five parts –

  1. About Meditation

    Osho defines Meditation in this section. Shares how the whole secret of meditation is to become the watcher of your body, mind and emotions. Witnessing is the spirit of Meditation.

    He encourages and motivates the reader to delve deep into this adventure, which he calls as the adventure into the unknown, the greatest adventure the human mind can take.

  2. The Science of Meditation

    In this section, Osho begins with suggestions regarding the rightful approach towards Meditation and various techniques. For instance, he encourages reader to try out different techniques, the method whih is right for you will just click and you will know “This is the right method for me.”

    Osho also shares important guidelines for the beginners and other important aspects which every meditator should take care of on this inner journey.

  3. The Meditations

    In this section, Osho shares the actual techniques like OSHO Active Meditations, OSHO Dynamic Meditation, OSHO Kundalini Meditation, OSHO Nataraj Meditation and much more.

    These meditations cover all different aspects and types of Humans. So whatever method clicks with you, continue with it. Osho advises against clinging to one method and shares when to drop the method which your are practicing, in this book.

  4. Obstacles to Meditation

    In this section, Osho guides reader to be aware of different obstacles in mind like the ego, the chattering mind, false methods, and tricks of the mind.

  5. Responses to Questions about Meditation

    Few questions asked by Osho Sanyasins regarding different aspects of Meditation have been included in this section. Osho’s response to these questions is full of insights and of benefit to all the Meditators.

For Whom This Book is For?

Anyone who wants to begin the journey of Meditation should read and practice this book.
Anyone who is already into meditation but not introduced to the world of Osho, should also read this book.
You will get benefitted.

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Here’s a Quote from “Meditation: The First and Last Freedom” 🙂

Osho Quote from Meditation: The First and Last Freedom

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