Summary of the book Sex Matters

What this Book is About?

Cover of the book "Sex Matters"

Cover of the book “Sex Matters”

Sex Matters is a very important book by Osho on different aspects of Sex in our lives. A must read for everyone!

He emphasizes on accepting sex as a normal part of our biology and to understand it rather than condemning or repressing it.

Interestingly, this book is not about sex, but spirituality. It tells about the journey from first step of sex towards the culmination point of super-consciousness.

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book has been divided into following three parts –

  1. From Sex to Superconsciousness

    Osho explains the real meaning of love. He shares that Sex is a fundamental attraction and has to accepted as a natural and normal biological activity.

    Society has condemned it a lot which has led to perversion and repression. In fact sex provides a first glimpse of Samadhi, of no-mind. The same energy of sex when it rises upwards becomes superconsciousness.

  2. Sex Matters

    In this section, Osho deals with topics like deconstructing the sexual conditioning, morality and immorality, and illusions and realities as far as sex is concerned.

  3. Neither Original nor Sin

    Osho says sex is not the original sin. delves deeper into the question of sex in day-to-day life and shares deeper insights related to spirituality.

    He again and again reiterates his message of accepting sex as a natural part of our life and remove any guilt associated with it.

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Excerpt from this Book

Here’s one of the questions from this book and Osho’s answer to it:

Question: You were saying that mere sex will go on producing only more and more children; but what do you produce when you join sex with meditation?

Osho: You will produce yourself anew. You will find that you are not finished as you are. There are higher levels of your intelligence. of your consciousness; as you start producing those higher levels of your intelligence and consciousness, you will be surprised—your interest in sex starts disappearing, because now sex is producing something far greater than life, it is producing consciousness. Life is a lower thing; consciousness is a higher thing. And once you are capable of producing consciousness, then there is no barrier that says you cannot make love, but it will look very dull. It won’t give you any joy, it will look like a sheer waste of energy. You would rather use your energy to create higher and higher pyramids of consciousness in yourself until you reach to the ultimate point, which I call enlightenment.

For Whom This Book is For?

Anyone who is interested in knowing how sex is the first step in the journey towards super-consciousness, should read this book.
This book focused entirely on spirituality and encourages reader to accept sex has a natural phenomena.

There are more than 25 reviews on Amazon with 4+ star rating, which speak volume about the value this book has provided to its readers.

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Here’s a Quote from “Sex Matters” 🙂

Osho Quote from the book "Sex Matters"

Osho Quote from the book “Sex Matters”

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