Summary of Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic

Cover of the book "Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic"What this Book is About?

Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic is a book about exploring the inherent gift of intuition within each of us. Osho articulates the difference between intellect and intuition and encourages the reader to apply this gift of intuition to guide our day-to-day life.

Osho explains in this book how the society conditions our mind and turns us into a person of intellect while ignoring our inherent gift of intuition. He shares ways to rediscover this gift within us.

Brief Summary of the Book:

This book has been divided into following three parts –

  1. Maps

    Osho explains the meaning of intellect, instinct, and intuition in this section. Intellect is the functioning of the head, instinct of the body and intuition of the heart. And behind these three is our being, which is our being, the pure witness.He encourages the reader to live the present moment and not to waver in the past or future, both of which belong to the world of mind.

  2. Barriers to Knowing

    There is a subtle difference between the knowledge and the knowing. Knowledge is an accumulated information in our mind from outside while knowing is the experiential understanding of something which belongs to no-mind.Osho explains how the so-called knowledge, intellect, imagination and politics interfere in our knowing!

  3. Strategies

    In this section, Osho shares different approaches and techniques to move from our thinking center to our feeling center. He shares practical ways to let our intuition blossom in our lives.

For Whom This Book is For?

Anyone who feels they are not doing what they should be doing or someone who does not even know what is the purpose of his/her life should read and absorb this book. If you feel you have lost contact with your emotions and living too much in your brain, even then this book if for you.

There are more than 60 genuine reviews on Amazon by the readers of this book sharing their stories about changes in their lives after reading and applying this book in their lives.

Here’s a quotation from one of the Amazon reviews:

One reviewer said she thought this book was awful because she was struggling with her faith, and the book only made her doubts greater. But that is the whole point of Osho–to make you question everything until you are truly free to see the truth for yourself, without all of that so-called “knowledge” from the past clouding your vision.

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Here’s a Quote from “Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic” 🙂

Osho Quote from the book "Intuition: Knowing Beyond Logic"


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